Use Best Practices for Best Results in Your SEO Consulting Business

Tactics to Avoid with your SEOEveryone wants you, the professional SEO consultant, to promise that you’ll get their websites to the top of the search engine rankings. And, of course YOU also want that! After all, your clients are paying you a decent sum of money to work your best on their behalf. But, many consultants – especially those who are a little bit newer to the industry – are sometimes afraid to explain to their clients that results are not ever guaranteed.

So, what happens if you guarantee something you can’t deliver? Exactly! You’ll either have to refund part of the fee you’ve been paid, or – heaven forbid – be tempted to take some “shortcuts” out of panic. You might find yourself listening to someone in an SEO forum or group telling you to just “buy this XYZ package of backlinks and your client’s site will climb in the SERPS.” Do NOT fall prey to this! Stay on the high ground, and continue to follow the best practices that reputable firms use – and what you should use as well!

So, the first thing to do when you get that client is NOT promise them the moon. Explain (in terms they understand) what you are going to work on for them, and that you do not take shortcuts. Explain that any rise in rankings takes time, today more than ever, and that you’ll continue to do the absolute best you can for them. Again, do not allow yourself to be tempted to buy any type of “shortcut.” You’ll be sorry, and so will your client – if they stick around with you after! The high road, the honest road, is always the best one.